Pittsburgh’s Tyler Mizak Making a Difference

Tyler Mizak is a social media influencer residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with over one hundred thousand Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of youtube video views. But lately he is taking on a bigger task than just posting online for his fans, Tyler is taking a stand to make people happier. Tyler has become very popular for his most recent campaign titled “Tyler’s Notes.” The campaign is centered around his father’s death in 2011 by suicide. Tyler has been randomly placing notes of positivity on cars around Pittsburgh to give people a smile. Tyler says “It just feels good to make someone smile; a day without smiling is a day wasted!” Tyler got his start on the internet with YouTube and becoming a content creator after graduating from West Mifflin area high school in 2014 after realizing he did not want to be a photographer anymore. Along with being a content creator Tyler can be seen in a lot of successful film projects.One day we can only hope that we can have more people like Tyler living alongside us. You can keep up with Tyler and see all his social media feeds on tylermizak.com

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