Questions to Ask Before Leasing Self-Storage Facilities

If you need to lease self-storage facilities for whatever reason, then you’ll need to be prepared and know what questions to ask the storage company, to make sure you are getting the best out of your self-storage and that you’re really receiving a value for money service. So whether you need to store furniture and belongings while moving from your old house to a new location, or whether you’re going abroad and require long-term storage solutions, there are a few fundamental questions you should ask, before committing to signing any lease agreement!

Before even considering signing contract hiring self-storage facilities you’d be wise to enquire about the cost for all self-storage units, which come in different sizes. Meanwhile you might also want to request the prices of climate control storage facilities, often needed when storing things like musical instruments, which should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold during the changing seasons.

If you do require climate-controlled storage, make sure to ask the storage company like self storage NYC, if they offer this service. Climate control will not only be at a set temperature, but also control any humidity that might affect your stored belongings.

Another important thing to find out is whether the self-storage units or mobile storage units are kept outside or inside. If you are hiring office storage space then you may very need regular access to your storage unit. So find out if this is possible as not all storage facilities off 24/7 accessibility. Some self-storage units may restrict access during certain times of the day.

It’s imperative to do some investigative work when it comes to ensuring secure storage is available. Be sure to ask the storage company if they have surveillance cameras and guards on duty. Your belongings, irrespective of their monetary value will be of importance to you and you want to make sure they are secure and protected. Does the storage facility have alarms, gated doors, and on-site managers? No question is too small when it comes to safe-guarding your belongings, either in storage rooms or self-storage units!

If you plan on taking out or adding to your storage unit, it might be worth asking if the company can provide you with trolleys on wheels to facilitate easier transportation of your goods from the storage unit to your car or van. Another good question to ask might be if you can drive your vehicle right up the storage unit. If you haven’t yet packed up your belongings and are in need of some durable boxes and packing materials, like tape or plastic wrap why not ask the storage company if they will provide these items.

One of the most important questions, which many people overlook when hiring home storage or office storage space is what forms of identification or other documents you may need when leasing storage units. While you are assured of secure storage, accidents can happen, so ask about insurance. It’s not a rule of thumb, but many storage companies don’t offer insurance and ask that leasers have their own protective insurance.

Once all that is sorted and you decide to lease a mobile self-storage unit or other storage facility, don’t sign a thing until you’ve discussed methods of acceptable payment! Can you pay by credit card, PayPal or by cheque? How much notice must you give before terminating your lease agreement? Will costs be reduced or will you be entitled to a discount if you pay upfront? Don’t be shy when it comes to getting the best out of self-storage solutions!

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