Here are the things men hate about the girls they are dating but cannot express

He has a habit of checking his mobile while talking to you. You get irritated. He also doesn’t like to go out much which puts you off. Yes, we understand. Men often do things that irritate women. What are the things about women that put off men? Let us find out.

How am I looking?

Men love to pay compliments to their women and make them feel special. However, if every time they meet, the women ask about their looks, it gets a little irritating.

Taking too much to get ready

A guy once wondered how much time it takes to straighten up the hair. He was frustrated with his girlfriend for being always late for a date. We understand that women need time to apply makeup and get ready, but they should be on time.

Always planning for the dates

Men love to surprise their girls with interesting dating ideas. However, once in a while, they may like you to plan and take charge. Who wants to take up all the trouble of finding the right restaurant, buying tickets for movies or getting reservations for shows? If a man has to do all these stuff always, he would pretty soon complain.

Not telling why you are upset

This is universal about women. They won’t say why they are upset but would sulk. A man hates to hear the word “fine” when he asks his woman how she is.  If you are upset with your guy, tell him. Don’t make him feel messed up.

Talking about your friends always

Women have a habit of talking about their friends too much. This irritates some men. While dating, men want to enjoy the time with their girlfriends. They want to talk about themselves or listen to their girlfriends. Who wants to know how Joanna broke up or how Ivy always looks so prim? So, girls, stop mentioning your friends when next time you meet your men.

Creating too much fuss over food

On a date, some women want to make sure there is less oil in the food. Some would skip dessert to avoid getting fat. Some would only have salads. Men do not understand all these hang-ups. When you are out to enjoy yourself, eat what you feel like. Why always count calories or talk about getting fat? Most men find this irritating.

Apart from this, a girl’s habit of asking too many questions about his ex, or his family and friends may irritate a man. We hope after reading this list, women would stop doing these little things and make the relationship more enjoyable.

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