Hire a Public Adjuster that has personally experienced a water or fire loss in their home.

We can get through this together
We can get through this together

Predicting property losses is virtually impossible. To ease your mind, you purchased property damage insurance. Insurance policies are capable of covering a loss after it occurs, but successfully getting through the claim process is no easy task. Claiming your damage goes beyond just calling the insurance company, reporting a claim and waiting. That’s why seeking proper representation is important.

Although “hiring a Public Adjuster” sounds to be a simple task, hiring the wrong Public Adjuster can significantly add to your confusion and stress. There are so many articles on the internet that has such conflicting information about hiring an Adjuster. You can use a Public Adjuster that’s referred to you by a friend or a family member but what are his or her credentials? Do you, a family member or friend all have the same standards for desired outcome?

How do you choose?

Hire a Public Adjuster that has personally experienced a water or fire damage loss in their home!

A sure-fire way to know you have the right professional on your side is to hire one that “knows how you feel”. Personal experiences is crucial when trusting a professional to assist you in restoring your family’s home and life after a loss. If your Public Adjuster can relate to your calamity this will make them more understanding to your needs and even more passionate about achieving your desired results.


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