Wedding Skincare: How To Get Glowing Skin

Throughout my years of doing wedding makeup I have seen many skin conditions. I actually decided to pursue further education and go to school for esthetics because of this, fast forward and  so I became a Licensed Esthetician.

I saw the need to educate and help my clients with what seemed to be missing from a lot of daily routines, a simple skin care regimen.

I totally understand that we have so many options that it can be hard to pick the correct products for your skin, there is so many products out there with so many claims, it can totally be so overwhelming and at the same time very confusing.    Below are my quick tips on a skin care regimen.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Protect.  These are my go to steps to everyone and anyone that wants to start a skin care routine.

Cleanse  to remove any oil, toxins, environmental pollution, dust, dirt (am and pm)

Exfoliate – Remove dead skin cells, choose between a chemical or mechanical exfoliator. You can start with doing this 3 times a week. (alternating days)

Hydrate – You can use a toner and then right after use a moisturizer ideal for your skin type.

Protect – Always protect your skin, even if you think you are not going to be exposed to the sun. Choose one you like, if you don’t like it you won’t use it.  Sun damage is the #1 cause of wrinkles and dna damage.

I suggest contacting me as soon as you know you are getting married so that you can get a personalized consultation.  Skin care regimens can take a few weeks for your skin to get adjusted and I don’t recommend anything new close to your wedding date.  However a good skin care regimen prior to your wedding can make such a difference on the way your makeup looks and it’s something you will continue to do after the wedding and benefit from for a healthy complexion.  Kind of like that new lifestyle change.

About me:

I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist.  I offer on location makeup services for bridal parties or special events in central pa.  Lancaster, Reading, Exton, West Chester areas. In studio, I offer makeup services, waxing, including bikini and Brazilian waxing, spray tanning Facials, Skin Care Targeted Treatments and personal or group makeup classes. If you are local to the, come and see me at Pure Skin Makeup & Skincare Studio in Sinking Spring, PA (Berks County area)

Patricia Solis – 717.283.7477

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