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Life without access to great television shows kind of sucks big time. You will not have the chance to witness one of humankind’s best works in the field of entertainment. But what would probably suck more is the fact that you can have access to these shows but you just happen to live in the wrong neighborhood where access is blocked. This is the case of having a different version of Netflix in Canada from the original Netflix which can only be accessed from the United States of America.

Why is this so?

Because of some contract disputes which includes billions of dollars that are being fought over, the kind of Netflix that Canadians have is significantly different from Netflix in the United States. Media companies that are based in Canada will not allow the streaming of shows made in the United States as it will also significantly affect the viewership of their own television shows that is why they have secured air time of such shows in the entire region.


Ever since the emergence of such problem, many people such as Americans working in Canada, expats or even Canadians who love watching television shows made in the United States have come up with different ideas to counteract such obstacle. And because such efforts of trying to watch American television shows on Canadian soil has not been prohibited by Netflix itself, these solutions and techniques for getting American Netflix in Canada has been widely used and improved from time to time by various anonymous Netflix customers and users.

Some may include simply the changing of the computer’s IP address or DNS server to mimic actually mimic the streaming of shows in Canada as if the user themselves are still in the United States. Though sometimes it may work, there can also be some instances where repetitive use of a specific IP address or DNS server may cause blockage of such codes, resulting in the restriction of such addresses and being unable to watch television shows made in the United State on Canadian territory. Other solutions include subscription to various web based tools and programs to quickly connect to United States based Netflix and enjoy watching US Netflix in Canada. One of these tools and programs that has been widely used and have been very effective since its launch is the tool found on the website

What is it? is a website that offers a very effective tool for those people who wants to gain access to American made television shows and series even when they are on Canadian soil. With its online program called Blockless, Canadians, as well as expats, overseas workers and other Americans who reside in Canada now have access to shows that for once they didn’t have access to because of the blocking of such programs by Netflix Canada.
How can it be accessed?

With a simple touch of a few buttons and a very quick registration process, anyone who is in Canada, has an ongoing Netflix account and would want to watch television shows from the United States will be able to do so with the use of the program called Blockless. And because the product has a free trial period, users themselves can get the feel of having to watch American television shows on Canadian soil without have to pay for something initially. And if they happen to like what they have, a mere $5 a month fee will give you instant access to these great American television shows without having to lift another finger, and Blockless will surely change the way you watch television.

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