The Sons Of Thunder Join Together To Make A Better North Philadelphia


Sons of Thunder: Reverend Kenneth Walker, Jr. Endorses Reverend Lewis Nash, Sr. for State Representative of the 181st Legislative District.

Just a few months ago, Reverend Kenneth Walker, Jr. and Reverend Lewis Nash, Sr. were vying for the same position as State Representative for the 181st District in Pennsylvania.  On Monday April 30th, 2018 Reverend Walker was erroneously removed from the ballot. After fighting this decision, Reverend Walker felt moved to join Reverend Nash.

“We have decided,” Reverend Walker said, “to give our full support to Lewis Nash, Sr.”

Reverend Nash is considered “a triple ‘A’ candidate for the 181st Legislative District.” Approachable, Accountable, and Accessible. 

He believes in working hard every day to make safe and prosperous North Philadelphia communities a reality for us all. As a survivor of Lymphoma, Reverend Nash is a fighter, and he will be a fighter so that all people in the communities he serves have a better quality of life.

Speaking on his support for Reverend Nash, Reverend Walker went on to say:

“We have the same platform. That is; restoring the family through safety, healthcare, education, employment, and also affordable housing. As we work together, we are looking forward to the constituents of the 181st Legislative District, and my supporters, to consider supporting Lewis Nash, Sr., for State Representative of the 181st Legislative District”.


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