Roofing Inspection Checklist

You must maintain the roof of your home or commercial buildings at least once a year. For most cases, if a roof breaks down, this is due to lack of regular maintenance. The constant maintenance of the roof avoids a variety of problems that could lead to an expensive and sometimes avoidable need for complete renovation or replacement of the roof.

Roof leaks will be caused by variety of reasons. Once you acquaint yourself with the potential causes of leaks, you’ll be able to confirm the supply through method of elimination. If  not, you’ll invariably contact our workplace for help.

Here are some things a professional roofer would look for if you have a roof leak:

  • Missing, cracked or loose shingles, tiles or seams
  • Damaged or deteriorated flashing, seals and caulking
  • Attic ventilation issues, which may cause it to be wet through a buildup of condensation
  • Check all areas of the roof such as valleys, flashing, shingles, collars, etc.
  • Ice Dams, that stop the correct flow and force water
  • Pounding water
  • Nail heads exposed
  • Skylight flashings
  • Wind driven rain
  • Built up detritus, which may entice wet and accelerate deterioration

Make Safety a Priority: Looking for roof damage is a tricky task, so after a storm step out from your home and look at the roof from different angles to check for the possible damage. But sometimes its impossible to check for damage which basically depends on your physical capability, weather condition and several other factors. We always recommend hiring a professional, its better to contact PA Roofing Experts – Economy Roofing

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