Mourning mom wants man charged for daughter’s overdose 

Amanda Carter, at only 27-year-old died of a heroin overdose in her apartment. However, Amanda’s parents remain skeptical about the situation and want to know more about the man who was with her the night she passed. The Carters want to know why does this man walk away unpunished?

Amanda’s beloved parents, Dawn and Jim Carter, will live with agonizing pain only parents of an addict would be able to comprehend- the pain was delivered to their life on a beautiful February morning.

“I open up the door, and there’s three policemen there,” stated Dawn Carter. “They ask to come in, and they asked me to sit down. And they say, ‘I’m sorry to inform you that your daughter, Amanda Carter, has passed away this morning.'”

Police informed reporters that Amanda’s body was found in her apartment, where her outfit was laid out for the following day’s work.

“The Medical Examiner’s Office said it was an overdose, which is not uncommon in Philadelphia. And, unfortunately, we see a great deal of them,” Rosenbaum said.

Jim Carter knew his daughter as a “smart kid, bright kid, energetic kid.”

Dawn Carter told reporters, “it was a shock, I mean, a shock because she was doing so well for the last like six years.”

Dawn and Jim need to know what killed their daughter and according to the medical examiner, it was a heroin overdose.

An investigator, Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum’s Northeast Detectives, wanted to learn more about the shocking death.

Dawn and Jim told investigator that Amanda was checked into a treatment center several years ago, kicked the habit, and showed every sign of wanting to stay clean. This is why the suspicion arise about the man she was with the night of her death.

The identity of the man will remain unnamed because investigators have not charged him with anything.

According to court records, the 33-year-old man pleaded guilty to criminal charges in 2009.

Montgomery County Adult Probation informs investigators that he will be under supervision until 2017.

“I think she may have made a bad decision the night that she entertained a young gentleman in her apartment,” said a private investigator, Duane Little, who is studying Amanda’s death for her parents.

Investigative records spoke to the media and said, the man admitted to using heroin with Carter and tossed the evidence.

The police report informed media that the man stayed with Carter the night of her death and “they both used heroin at 9:30 p.m.”

“At 5:30 a.m. he went back into (the) bedroom and could not wake her up he called 9-1-1 at 5:53 a.m,” he told police.

Amanda Carter was pronounced dead at 6:10 a.m.

The man communicated with the corner and said Carter and him “used heroin and had sex” and admits he flushed the heroin packets down the toilet and “discarded the syringes.”

The man was not taken into custody for heroin abuse.

Rosenbaum says just too many people abuse drugs these days: “Unfortunately, in this day and age, when a lot of people are using drugs, you know, arresting them is not an option.”

Cole asked police, “he took the packets and the syringe and flushed them down the toilet. Is that a criminal offense?”

“No, not really. I mean, he says he does it before he finds her deceased,” Rosenbaum said. “If he had did it after, it might be, you know, an issue.”

The M.E.’s report makes no mention of when the man tossed the material.

Amanda Carter’s parents feel police failed their daughter.

Jim Carter said, “in my opinion, the police actually did nothing. It’s another drug addict. We’re gonna rubber-stamp it and be on our way.”

Then Cole stated, “you think the cops walked in, saw your daughter’s dead body and said, ‘This is a heroin addict, she overdosed. It’s done?'”

“It’s done, absolutely,” Jim said.

Jim Carter found a man’s sweatshirt in his daughter’s closet a few days after she had passed. In the sweatshirt pocket parts of a syringe were found.

“It was not my daughter’s, and it was a man’s jacket. The police never looked”

Rosenbaum reassured the Carter’s that police were not aware of it.

Private investigator asked the 33-year old about the sweatshirt and he said it was not his.

Amanda’s dominate hand was her left and her parents don’t believe their daughter could have injected herself in her left arm, where the M.E. found needle marks.

“It doesn’t add up, that the young lady, if she did the heroin in fact, injected herself in her dominant hand not only once but twice,” said Little, the parent’s private investigator.

A spokesperson for the M.E. said this had no impact on the case but added that if a crime is suspected it should be reported to the police.

Police, however, have closed the case, and the M.E. found “No apparent evidence of foul play.”

Montgomery County Adult Probation says the 33-year old is on supervised probation for another two years.

There is no record found of his probation being notified that he had admitted to using heroin with Amanda in February.

“If … Philadelphia police had taken two minutes to run his information, I would assume that he’d be in violation of his probation for being in an area where there were drugs,” said Jim Carter.

Then Dawn added, “I want a case to be opened to look into this, you know, and to look at all the facts and all the discrepancies.”

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