Chester County Realtor announces new Client Rebate Program 

The Real Estate industry is rapidly changing with the advent of technology to help both agents and clients save time and money.

Clark Faggioli of Springer Realty Group and owner of Changing Times Home Services has added a new program to help his clients save thousands.  For years, everyone has complained about the 6% commission Realtors charge to sell your home.  Rightfully so too, when the market is hot and homes are selling quickly it seems like a lot of money for what seems to be little work.

In the past, prior to all the new software and search websites the case could be made to support a 6% commission.  As little as 10 years ago, agents had to earn their money by spending their own money advertising in different media outlets like newspapers and email lists.  Some agents still do this today, but the rules and costs have changed dramatically as the search websites have given the consumer access to their own searches through Zillow, and others.

While these sites are a great place to start their search, there is still is a need for professional guidance by using an agent.  There are just too many things to go wrong when buying or selling a home today that agents are still needed.  Now, clients can do their own research and running around saving the agents valuable time, there is also EDoc’s for our contracts so we don’t have to drive out to meet for signatures or simply scan and return.  Again, a huge time saver for the agent.  Most office’s today are paperless and using a great software service to host all our documents in the cloud.  So most agents work from home like myself.  Again, huge time savings for the agents.

So why the 6% commission if agents are saving so much time and effort?  Well, most of the big franchises have overhead like large offices, franchise fees and dues.  Huge advertising budgets, (their advertising – not your home, their name & business).  The big box franchise model is starting to feel the pinch of the local broker.  Ask any big box agent to discount their commission and they will say they will have to discount your advertising budget to do so or something similar.  That’s known as salesmanship.  But it’s not the truth.  The truth is once a home is listed on the MLS it automatically goes all over the web.  These companies buy listings from the MLS and it does not cost the agent any more unless they pay for extra marketing.  Which is not really needed, it’s just an upsell.  There is a much better way to get the same service for far less of a cost.

Announcing the ‘’Client Rebate Program’’.

The days of one commission for all is over ! Not all clients are the same.  Some require less time and management and I see their value in working together.  Therefore, I have developed the CRP payment options for my clients to choose which program fits their budget and needs.

The CRP option plan offers my clients choice on both buyer and seller alike.

For Sellers Options: 

  1. Full Service 4.5% listing

For example:  300,000 home sale saves on average  4500.00 in commission fees.

This is still a Full Service listing.  All homes will be listed on the MLS, Zillow, and many other online sites.  Nothing is different, there is no discount in service.

We have passed on our savings to our clients.

  1. Hourly fee for listing agent.

We will list the home for 3% commission to be paid the buyers Broker.

Our Hourly fee of $130.00 per hour plus closing charges.

See website for disclaimer:  This is for our most seasoned clients.

Buyers Options:

As your Buyers agent I will offer an average of 1% Rebate of the sales price of the home.

For example: $300,000 purchase you would receive $3,000.00 rebate.

This rebate must be received at the settlement and be listed on the final closing documents.

Please note: The Lender must approve this rebate.

How does this work?

The rules in Real Estate are changing rapidly.  The reason I can offer the rebate program is because my Broker, Springer Realty Group does not charge the traditional 70/30 split and the monthly desk fees some brokers charge.  They charge me 595.00 per sale and provide all the same software I had when at RE/MAX.  Simply put, I’m passing on my savings my client and still providing Full Service.  I have use all the same tools and technology the big box franchises use.  Nothing is different.  Just less overhead, better service, More savings for my clients.

Beyond Full Service

Traditional agents hate the word discount or rebate.  They are trying to protect the old guard.

The fact is, the service is the same at most Brokerages.  We all have to follow the same rules as stated by Pennsylvania Association of Realtors.  However, I actually offer more service and experience for less.  I am one of the only Licensed Contractors and Licensed Realtor that works on homes.  My company, Changing Times Homes Services helps our clients downsize and relocate from their existing home.  We also will modify their home to provide aging in place.

We have our own employees and equipment.  Therefore, we can another service to our clients.

Our business model is growing, and the industry is taking notice.

To learn more about Clark and Changing Times Home Services, please visit:

Office 610-857-4619

Cell    610-842-8264


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