Local Day Spa Thrives by Offering Wide Assortment of Massage, Facials, Permanent Cosmetics and Gift Cards

“…love love love!” This is a creative testimony offered by one of the regular customers of Body Kneads Day Spa in Gilbertsville, PA. “We love our customers, and its very refreshing to get this type of feedback!” Says Day Spa owner, Tracy Minninger-Moyer referencing some recent Facebook feedback.

Body Kneads has been a local landmark for massage, facials and beauty treatments for the past 17 years. We begin to discuss this wonderful business as an engraved part of the community in Tracy’s beautiful lobby adorned with Asian décor, waterfalls and cushioned by soft, soothing music over the speakers.

When asked, “To what do you attribute your consistently happy clients?” Tracy offered the simple, refreshing concept, “Its just a matter of evolving with your clients and their needs and wants.” She added, “17 years is a lot of time to get to truly understand the needs of the cliental; I am grateful for all of the relationships with my customers, whether they have been with me since the beginning or just the last month.”

The owner proudly points out that sometimes its a matter of making sure the old favorites stay in place, such as the annual Valentine’s Day Specials. “People can get an entire day of pampering.” “This can include Limo service, chocolate fondue, and couples massage by the fireplace.” “Customers really love it!” says, Mininnger-Moyer.

Consistently this successful Day Spa offers fun and creative deals as each holiday rolls around. The owner was excited to point out that Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s specials revolve around great deals on gift cards, particularly since they are so popular for holiday gifts. “Its kind of heart-warming to see that even in a tough economy, massage gift cards are an amazingly popular gift for loved ones. We often even see employers buying 10, 20 or 30 to put into cards for holiday parties.” Says the Spa owner.

The Ladies of Body Kneads Day Spa

Its clear that, Tracy and her staff have a good understanding of the clients needs throughout the year, hence the holiday staples that continue to delight each time they reoccur. The experienced business woman and healer also mentioned “evolving” with the clients needs, so she was asked, “What new things have you done to stay current with your clients needs?”

Tracy smiled as if there was too much to tell in a short interview, “Well we (the Body Kneads staff) are always educating ourselves to learn about new products and services; its the only way to stay current.” She crossed her tranquil lobby to show recent Reiki certifications of staff members and spoke about a new spa package called, “The Energy Ritual” available on the Day Spa website, www.Bodykneadspa.com. She then crossed over to the spa products displayed in the lobby and held up a bottle with a dropper. This was something that truly set them apart from competitors. They truly care about the health and well-being of the client; this includes having a healthy bodyweight.

After lots of research the owner found a product that she remembered once seeing on the Dr. Oz Show. Its called, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women and almost completely controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy; hCG for short. A variation of this hormone has been synthesized in a laboratory, in much smaller doses for use in diets and weight control.

Most hCG dieters report an average loss of 1 to 2 lbs per day. However, everyone is different and results may vary. A poll on the hCG Diet Info Blog included over 7000 individuals and showed an average of 1 pound per day lost by over 50% of hCG Dieters.

This amazingly effective diet started with people needing to be injected on a regular basis, it has evolved to the much less invasive and much more convenient, hCG drops. “Even our own staff has seen amazing results, that is why I am endorsing this.” Says Day Spa owner, Tracy as she proudly shows a picture of a staff member who lost 28 pounds in a month.

Truly this business is a central part of the Gilbertsville, Boyertown community that cares deeply about the needs of the clients whether new or a regular. Their ability to help and heal has been only enhanced by their ability to evolve and stay current about what the customer wants and needs.
If you would like any information about any of the services Body Kneads Day Spa offers you may visit the website at http://www.BodyKneadspa.com or
by calling 610-473-9880.

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