Dirty Pool Politics in North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA– Philadelphia has been the battleground for many industries since it’s conception. Today, political bouts are taking place all over the city, specifically speaking, in North Philadelphia. May 15th, 2018 is the day voters take themselves to elect new leaders of Congress and State Representatives. In North Philadelphia, the 181st legislative district, candidates Malcolm Kenyatta and Rev. Lewis Nash Sr., are taking it to the streets in a heated back and forth war. Across the North Philadelphia area, you see flyers of both candidates on bus stops, polls, and houses. Or so we should assume.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous have come forward, accusing candidate Malcolm Kenyatta, favored to win the district, of flyer removal. On Sunday April 22, 2018, Malcolm Kenyatta and Co. were allegedly spotted on West Stiles Street pointing at flyers of his peer Rev. Lewis Nash Sr., pastor and native to the North Philadelphia area, before leaving the area. Both men travel opposite directions of each other (north and south). Later that day, Malcolm Kenyatta flyers were present in areas previously posted by his opponent, Rev. Lewis Nash Sr., yet Nash’s flyers were nowhere to be found.

Earlier in the campaign, a supporter, of Malcolm Kenyatta & W. Curtis Thomas (Ms. Frances Folk of the 14th Ward) petitioned the court attempting to slander, create false accusations and character assassinate Rev. Nash with the purpose of kicking him off the ballad. However, the efforts were to no avail.

These are muddy actions. One only resorts to such behavior if they believe they’re in danger or to simply degrade the visibility of the competition. That’s not ok! That’s not the politics voters involve themselves in. Voters expect integrity, a strong moral ethos and someone who will represent the people.

Is this your future State Representative of the 181st? Can we bring integrity and ethics to Politics?

We must always strive to be the City of Brotherly Love. But that can only come with strong leadership that focuses upon the day to day issues of North Philadelphia, the 181st legislative district. 

North Philadelphia should elect a State Representatives who works on behalf of those victimized by crime, seeks to improve neighborhoods, and spends time meeting and addressing concerns of community members. Not anyone who protests to further an agenda with rhetoric. 

Rev. Lewis Nash, Sr., a life-long resident of North Philadelphia and member of Local 332 for over 30 years is running race for State Representative of the 181st Legislative District. Rev. Nash has been a pastor since 1999 at Faith & Deliverance Church. Founder of Mankind Against Poverty in 2000, Rev. Lewis Nash, Sr. has long worked for positive change in North Philadelphia. For more information about his positions and his campaign to restore integrity and ethics to the North Philadelphia, 181st legislative district campaign. 

For more information visit: www.friendsoflewisnash.com

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